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Chapter One: The Mollusks – 488 Million Years Ago


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Blender download procedure

Go to the Blender website, click the download bar, then left click the download bar at the bottom of your desktop, and follow the Blender instructions. Blender will send you the required files and set you up with a short cut that looks like this:

Blender icon


You need to have a 3-finger mouse. You can pick one up at any computer store. The mouse actually has a scroll wheel in the center that allows you to zoom in and out, and can be held down or clicked just like the right and left mouse keys.


Blender Objectives:

In this chapter you learn about the "3D" world and how Blender approaches that world. You see how the system works with measurements, grids, size, movement, and various views. You are also introduced to Blender primitive objects and the training monkey. Finally, you get to make your first material to add color to an object that you create yourself.



This history begins with these ancient, mollusk creatures who roamed the Earth so many millions of years ago. Snails, clams, oysters, squid, and other shell bearing organisms were some of the first inhabitants of our planet. If you do an Internet search on ancient mollusk images, you will be surprised by just how odd and amazing these early creatures looked. You can learn more about mollusks here.