Computer Basics - Lesson One: Making a Folder

  1. Click the windows icon in the lower left hand corner of the desktop to open the Start Menu Sample
  2. Scroll down to the Windows System OptionSample
  3. Click the down arrow to open the Windows System sub menu. Sample
  4. Hold the left mouse key down over the file explorer icon and drag the icon onto the desktop. Sample
  5. Use the same process to drag the following icons to the desktop: Excel, Word, Notepad, and Power Point. Sample
  6. Double click the file explorer icon and then the c: drive to view the current folders on your c: driveSample
  7. In the white space under your current folders click your right mouse key and hover over "New" so that the folder icon appears. Sample
  8. Left click the Folder icon and enter your last name as the folder title. Sample
  9. Double click your folder to open the folder, then make a subfolder of your folder using the same procedure that you used to make the original folder. Title the new subfolder imagesSample
  10. Right click on this image and select save image as , then see if you can save the image in your images subfolder. Scorpion
  11. Follow the steps above to make a new folder and subfolder. See if you can copy the image that you put in the images folder into your new subfolder.