Internet Coding

Telescope, map and compassIn the 1980’s when computer technology was starting to reach more and more people throughout the world, there was a lot of talk about leveling the playing field. Educators, politicians and people of good will thought: Wow! With this new Internet technology everyone will be able to access the same knowledge and have a fair shot at competing in the professional world.

This code training program is designed to do just that: “level the playing field”. Computer technology already a vital component of many 21st century occupations, will, of course, expand even more in the near future. So why not reach out now and prepare yourself for the wonderful careers that are currently available and the ones that will present themselves in tomorrow’s world.

Of course, you’ll need to know how to make folders, develop spreadsheets, and prepare presentations. Lessons One, Two, and Three will teach you the basics of making folders, creating Excel spread sheets, and making images with Power Point. 

However, to really get the most out of the Internet, some basic coding with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is recommended. The basics of these technologies are all presented here in a step-by-step manner that you can enjoy and experience at your own pace.

Once you can create an HTML table, you can organize your educational experiences, record your knowledge, and create a portfolio for your personal use or to share with others. Imagine being able to display your self-coded knowledge with prospective employers or University admissions personnel. Yes! You can do that.

But there’s more; perhaps you’ll want to tackle more complex coding or even become a digital artist or designer. Perhaps you’ll want to pursue a career in engineering, architecture, “3D” printing and on and on. Everything begins with the basics and they are all here to get you started. Best wishes on your future career. Perhaps one day you’ll say: “It all started with The History Tree”.