Computer Basics - Lesson Two: PowerPoint 2016

  1. Click the PowerPoint icon to open the program.
  2. Click the Blank Presentation template. Sample
  3. Click Design, Slide Size, Custom Slide Size, and change the width to 4 inches and the height to 4 inches. Sample Click Ensure Fit when the system prompts you with the pop up window.
  4. Click once in the box that is titled Click to Add Title, to give the title box the focus. You can stretch a box by holding the left mouse key down while hovering over any of the small boxes on the side of the box that has the focus. Sample Stretch the title box until it completely covers the larger template box. Sample
  5. You can now add color to the entire template. Click in the title box to give the title box the focus, then click Design, Drawing Tools Format, Shape Fill, and then click the black box. Sample
  6. Put this image into your images subfolder.
  7. Click Images, Pictures, then go to your images folder and insert the Swan picture into your template. Your template should look like this: Sample
  8. Click File, Save As, Browse, and save the file to your folder as a .jpg file.