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It is a wonderful experience to create something. With The History Tree students create and display their understanding of historical events.

Our workbook Thirty History Projects shows young adults how to make "3D" history models and the coding course at this site, offers training on Internet programming. Students of all ages are provided with the tools to create history models based upon research.

Please take some time to walk through our site. We encourage you to read the articles, take the challenges, enjoy the images, and consider the possibilities for logic, organization, design, creativity, and knowledge.

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Historical period of the day

The Phoenicians and Carthage - 1200 BCE

The Phoenicians were a seafaring people that navigated the Mediterranean Sea, shipping goods back and forth across the Levant. They were an intelligent society that developed an alphabet that was the precursor to our modern day alphabet. Phoenician society was known not only for its expertise in trade, but also for its art and pursuit of religion. The Phoenician people had a decentralized government, with each town having its own ruler and even its own religious god...

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Java Training Program

Some English history with a bit of Java.

This training program was developed for students with little experience as software engineers and will give you many opportunities to practice the procedures required to become familiar with the Java programming language. 

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