Lesson Eighteen: Linking with Images


  1. You can enter this code at the bottom of your ak2.html page to get back to your ak1.html page:
     <a href="ak1.html">Back to Title Page</a> 

    Try this sample page to see how it works: Sample

  2. In order to call your ak2.html file from the Hippopotamus picture (in your ak1.html file) you must enclose the Hippopotamus <img> tags within <a> tags.

    Use this code in your ak1.html file (within the Hippopotamus tablecell divs) to call the ak2.html file:
    <a href="ak2.html"><img src="images/hippo1.jpg" alt="Hippopotamus"></a>

    Try this sample page to see how it works: Sample

  3. You should be very familiar with HTML and CSS by now so here is a good practice exercise: Do some research on the Internet to get some interesting facts and links about the other animals on your Website. Then create the other five pages necessary to complete the Website. Be sure to provide the necessary links to the Web pages that you recommend, and of course, proper linking to your own pages.

  4. Go back to the original Mission Statement page and use your design skills to: Add a table container with four cells for the four parts of the page. Experiment and see if you can come up with a good color scheme for the page.

Lesson Nineteen: Creating a Blog